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“Kristin Hickey has an outstanding feel for animals. With the intuitive skills matched by few, she reads the animals' body and unlocks the potential for excellence in their performance and health. She continues to astound me with her enlivened personality and ability for healing.” 

-- Danica Yates --
Sport horse trainer, 10 yrs professional experience
Olympian Debbie McDonald Protégé
FEI Young Rider national high percentage rider

“I would like to recommend Kristin as a responsible, talented, caring and very capable young lady.   She has cared for my horse over the last few years in a very knowledgeable and sensitive manner.  She takes the extra time necessary to notice the condition of a horse and any changes that may have developed.  Recently she has begun doing body work on my horse and I have been extremely impressed with how thorough and talented she is.  The detailed report she leaves me is more extensive and precise than any I have had from previous people. I feel my horse has benefitted greatly from her work with him. I would highly recommend Kristin as a capable, trustworthy, educated and talented person who will provide a thorough body massage for any horse. She is articulate and also has a very pleasant manner which makes her a delight to work with.”

-- Connie Hawkins --
10 years experience showing hunters on the California circuit
Currently a 3rd Level Dressage rider and competitor
Golden Oak Dressage

"Kristin is the one person I trust 110% with my horse. Her intuition of an animal in need is of no comparison. She knows when something is wrong or hurts and not only attempts but succeeds at relieving even the most distressed of animal situations."

-- Jessie Woodyard --
A circuit hunter/jumper competitor and trainer
Over 20 years of horse experience

“Kristin came recommended to me by a fellow barn mate after I expressed frustration about the high cost and lack of results I was having with various treatments for my 17 year old semi-retired Thoroughbred Amateur-Owner Hunter, Ambiance. While his workload was significantly decreased from his showing days, he was having extreme difficulty cantering on his normal stride on the left lead. His stride was restricted, choppy and he was unable to execute his flying changes. In an effort to avoid a costly vet visit, I decided to try Kristin’s services. Immediately I was overwhelmed by her knowledge and attention to detail. She found his left shoulder area to be incredibly disabled and locked up. She worked with him only two sessions before I saw an enormous improvement. By the third session, over the course of about three months, he had his full range of motion back and was cantering comfortably and doing his flying changes with ease. Kristin continues to work with “Flipper” on a maintenance basis and keeps the now 18 year old man going….jumping, trail riding and making me generally crazy with all of his antics. No one can believe it when I tell them he is 18….and I have Kristin to thank for helping him to still feel young!”

--Cherie Callander--
1992 CPHA medal finals champion
2004 Menlo Circus Club amateur-owner Hunter Champion on Ambiance

Shakespeare III was electrocuted in august, 2009. He stepped on an electrical cord while wearing studs in his shoes. The electrocution went in one hind hoof, up and over his haunch, and out his other hind hoof. He dropped to the ground, seizured violently, and was taken away in a horse ambulance. He was then transported to an equine hospital, where after a month he was released. His motor skills and heart appeared to be ok. He was turned out for several months, and brought back. He seemed ok although the farrier said he was horrific to shoe. When he needed to stand on three legs, and allow the farrier to finish his front hoof, he couldn't do it. He reared, he was unhappy and the farrier hated shoeing him. Kristin began working on Shaker in July, and quickly noticed that he could not stand on three legs. I had not told her about the farrier. It took her three months to work thru his balance issues, but she did, working with him twice a month. I also did not tell the farrier about her work. After a huge breakthrough with his balance, it was time again for shoes. I never said a word, but when the farrier was done, he looked at me and said "what have you done?". The horse was shod in just over an hour without a fight. Kristin's work made it possible for shaker to find his balance, and thus be shod without a fight. He has continued to grow, and to trust, and to win once again in the show ring. Kristin has been a huge part of his success and will continue to be a part of his athletic career. She has made a huge difference in his comfort, and in my understanding of his body. I can't thank her enough.

--Sara Jorgensen--

"Kristin Hickey's work has played a big role in Crown Affair's continued success in the show ring because she has enhanced my horse's physical and mental well being during a very rigorous show schedule. Her dedication, knowledge and expertise make her a joy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who has concerns about their horse's physical health, or for someone who simply wants to maintain their horse's overall well being."

--Gail Morey--
Yellow Dog Farm LLC

Crown Affair – ridden by John French, owned by Yellow Dog Farm LLC
1st, $10,000 USHJA High Performance Hunter Challenge

Crown Affair – ridden by Gail Morey, owned by Yellow Dog Farm LLC
Champion, Amateur/Owner Hunter 36 & Over

Crown Affair – ridden by Gail Morey, owned by Yellow Dog Farm LLC
Overall Circuit Champion, Amateur/Owner Hunter 36 & Over
Second Half Circuit Champion, Amateur/Owner Hunter 36 & Over
Champion three consecutive weeks

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

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